Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

  • Debbie Gregory
  • 04/3/23

As with many trends, luxury home design evolves and transforms as time goes on. While some design trends remain classic and timeless, others are fading out, and some are making a comeback. Above all else, luxury homeowners want to live in a space that’s stylish, contemporary, and suited to their taste. Custom-built finishes and chic design must all complement the SMART technology and modern features of contemporary, luxury homes.
So what are the luxury design trends of 2023, and how do homeowners implement them into their homes? From natural wood furniture to eco-friendly features, here are some of the biggest luxury home design trends of 2023.

Furniture trends

Old-world charm meets contemporary mastery in 2023, especially with furniture designs. While lighter furniture was trendy during the 2010s, dark wood furniture is making a grand entrance this year. High-end dark woods, such as red timber, are the material of choice for custom-made living room and dining room furnishings. Many homeowners are choosing natural or dark-stained wood veneers, such as cherry or mahogany, for a lavish yet earthy ambiance.
Along with natural wood furniture, homeowners gravitate towards softer curvature in their furniture selections. Contrasting the sharp, angular lines we have seen in recent contemporary designs, curves and arches are making a major comeback in luxury homes. Expect curved furniture, rounded sculptures, and arched doorways during 2023, paired with natural, dark wood.

Statement lighting

Lighting makes a significant impact on every space, which is why lighting is one of the year's most prominent design trends. For 2023, sustainability is the name of the game. Eco-friendly LED lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and this trend will continue into 2023. LED lighting, paired with layered lighting, will combine luxury and sustainability.
Along with lighting fixtures, natural lighting is one of the biggest design trends slated for 2023. Dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and bifold doors have become a luxury home staple in recent years and will only increase in popularity during 2023. For many luxury homeowners, natural lighting creates the greatest impact of all.

Color combinations

Over the past few years, neutrals have been the color palette of choice in luxury homes. Whether it was soft, neutral walls or floor-to-ceiling marble inlays, neutral tones dominated high-end decor. As we go into 2023, bold colors are taking center stage. In contrast to the sleek neutral styles, bold colors and rich textures are the newest home decor trend. Two of the primary color schemes most prevalent in luxury homes for 2023 are earth tones and jewel tones. For earth tones, rich, textured browns paired with green invoke a sense of tranquility and comfort within the space. These soothing earth tones, combined with warm neutrals, are some of the hottest color trends of 2023.
Another popular color trend that’s making a massive comeback in luxury decor is jewel tones. Rich, opulent shades of emerald and sapphire, in particular, will be prevalent in many luxury homes in 2023. Combined with brass and wood finishes, these jewel tones will turn your living spaces into a work of art.

Exposed details

Of the many luxury home design trends of 2023, some of the most crucial design features are in the details. From floor to ceiling, exposed details and luxe textures will be the focal point in luxury home styles for 2023. Custom, floor-to-ceiling walls will be prevalent in many homes, featuring high-end finishes, such as wood and stone. Other prominent elements, such as exposed wooden beams, brick walls, and masonry, will be front and center in many luxury homes. Raw, natural materials are becoming increasingly popular in opulent properties. Dark, dramatic marble is one of the hottest trends, as dark marble has greater contrast in veining, playing up the desire for more texture. Because exposed detail is in high demand, expect to see more texture in home decor in 2023.

Custom activity rooms

In recent years, a luxury home has served multiple purposes. While work and home were once separate spaces, remote work has completely changed how people live and work. As a result, having a luxury home where you can effectively work from home while disconnecting from the job during your downtime has become equally important.
As a result of this duality, designated workspaces are some of the most highly sought-after rooms in luxury homes, including home offices and home studios for content creators. Whether it’s for work or recreation, here are some of the most in-demand custom spaces:

  • Fitness rooms
  • Spacious home office
  • Fully-equipped outdoor kitchen
  • Home theater or media room
  • Pool house
  • Home studio 

Outdoor living spaces

In recent years, one of luxury homes' most popular design features has been outdoor living spaces, and 2023 is no exception to this rule. With the advent of floor-to-ceiling windows and bifold doors, more and more homeowners are integrating their indoor and outdoor living spaces. Decks and patios are more expansive than ever before, using sustainable, durable materials for longevity. Outdoor kitchens with fully-equipped wet bars and appliances are one of any home's most highly sought-after features.
For many homeowners, outdoor living spaces have become just as integral of entertainment spaces as indoor living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Plus, with earthy, rich color palettes making a comeback, it’s easier to integrate indoor and outdoor living, making each space feel more harmonious. Install lighting solutions for an even greater impact on the space.
Other popular features for outdoor living spaces include designated patio areas, walking paths, lush gardens, and stunning water features. Regardless of the climate you live in, integrating outdoor living spaces with indoor spaces is a 2023 trend with massive staying power.

Eco-friendly features

For many homeowners, eco-friendly features are crucial for their luxury homes. This is because more homeowners are trying to decrease their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly features are a vital luxury real estate trend, especially in 2023. Many luxury homes feature LED lighting, which uses less electricity than traditional lightbulbs. Other eco-friendly features include tankless water heaters, SMART home technology, solar panels, induction cooktops, and more. Homeowners can even get their homes LEED-certified, lowering energy costs and carbon footprints.
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